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Anyone else having this issue where you put stuff in your queue, and sometimes two items come out lumped together?

I’ve got it set to posting around 7am and 3pm every day, but sometimes I’ll get two posts appearing at 3pm (as happened today) and I’m not sure why.

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What it’s like having a conversation about Serious World Business with parents.

(via Wondermark » Archive » #1020; The Unknown Knowns)


What it’s like having a conversation about Serious World Business with parents.

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Moon Knight #1 (2014)

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Overall enforcement numbers for the United States stacked up surprisingly well against other western countries, demonstrating that despite all the doom and gloom, we Americans really could get organized and pull together when circumstances demanded. One out of every thousand people everywhere had been called to enforce and, of all these, nearly 83% had completed their service to the end, with each enforcer completing an average of about fifteen enforcements per day. Not bad, not bad at all.

We could have done the back-of-the-envelope calculations for ourselves, but they did it for us: almost a billion people vaporized in just eleven days. Talk about efficiency.

And of course, there were all the people who’d gone ahead and taken care of matters themselves. You’d think there would have been vomiting and sobbing all around, but the music played on, and everyone clapped and cheered.

“Thanks to your hard work and vigilance,” said our top-top manager, who reported directly to the Department of Transition, “We’ve provided real incentives for our citizens to respect the guidelines established by our interstellar visitors. Because of you, we can expect to see nearly eighty percent of our pre-contact population make a successful transition to Xyrxiconia! Give yourself one more round of applause, folks!”

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best of mark corrigan
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what a bunch of wimps

i dont understand its just chocolate its not even dark chocolate its just regular old hershey’s milk chocolate

what where you expecting

Just to clear things up I’m british and I was expecting a bar of chocolate that had some semblance of sugar or milk

Hershey’s just appears to be solid cocoa death

wait so is british chocolate just like pure sugar or something

Pretty much

How do you think we survive such long periods of uninteresting bland politics and weather

i love the real world news via tumblr

good lord try eating dark chocolate… i would like to see their reactions to that :3

the british are weak, we have found their achilles heel

Guys, she’s not kidding. 2 years ago I had a British exchange student in my house and She brought me some British chocolate and it was super sweet and stuff and I felt like I was going to slip into diabetic shock or something. So I gave her some Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and she ate it and started gagging. She drank 6 glasses of water and couldn’t stop coughing.

British chocolate is sweet and creamy. American chocolate is hard and pure cocoa.  

I find *American* milk chocolate a little on the too-sweet side, what are you people eating?!

American milk chocolate is way too sweet for me, I prefer 80-95% cocoa chocolate. You are weak, Britain. With your milk and your sugar in your tea and your chocolate. You are a disgrace. Go eat some sugar cubes and do not slander the name of chocolate any further.

roryhodgson Is this true? I’d always heard our chocolate was inferior quality-wise. Hershey’s is not exactly our gold-standard chocolate, however. This feels like discovering that Coca-Cola’s recipe was different in other countries. Btw, why does every Mexican version of something taste spicy? Their chocolate, their cola. Even their Cheetos have pepper on them.

From what I’ve heard, it’s kind of true, but I haven’t eaten that much American chocolate. From what I remember, it tasted a little… Stale. I don’t know about sugar content but we definitely enjoy putting more milk in than you guys, hence the complaint about chocolate in Advent Calendars for instance - it tastes bad because they cut back on stuff like milk and sugar.

That said, we still eat a lot of dark chocolate here, and have things like Green & Blacks, and Lindtt on the aisles. Bourneville as well, which is Cadbury’s without the sugar and milk.

We’re familiar with darker chocolate, but I’m not sure how much sweeter our most popular type is. I’d just say that we’re not unfamiliar with harder stuff, but it tends to be a middle class thing.

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Submitted anonymously.

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Sight-reading: the Brits are possibly the world’s greatest sight-readers. In my travels I’ve certainly never seen anything like it. Every time I rehearse a choir here I am astonished at how quickly they parse the music and absorb it. When we recorded “Light & Gold”, the Eric Whitacre Singers and Laudibus had just six hours to read through and rehearse 80 minutes of my music. Good singers here are simply expected to read.


Knowledge: British choirs simply get it. I’m sure it comes from the centuries-old tradition of singing but there is a seasoned polish and an attitude about the music-making that is at once soulful and unsentimental, expressive without being maudlin. They have the beating hearts of singers and the brains of trained musicians and this places them among the most potent and versatile artists on the planet.

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Thanks, Spider-Man.

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I’m glad to see Galahad again. I have a lot of sympathy for young people who don’t understand what you have to do in order to get kisses. The only thing that ever worked for me, admittedly the sample size is not large, was not caring so Goddamned much. People can… smell it. And they don’t like the smell. I’m not saying you can’t care, obviously you do. But you have to know at some level that not getting this particular kiss at this particular time won’t cause the universe to split in the middle and demons to come out.

The other trick was to already be in a relationship, for some reason. Does wonders for the confidence. Of course, that scenario is also fraught. Good fraught? I don’t know. The scheduling was a nightmare.

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From episode 408: Alison Brie Returns!
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From episode 408: Alison Brie Returns!

Submitted by cranberrylambda.

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And then there is the question of what purpose our economic growth actually serves. The most common advice V.C.s give entrepreneurs is to solve a problem they encounter in their daily lives. Unfortunately, the problems the average 22-year-old male programmer has experienced are all about being an affluent single guy in Northern California. That’s how we’ve ended up with so many games (Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Crappy Bird) and all those apps for what one start-up founder described to me as cooler ways to hang out with friends on a Saturday night.

When taken to its logical extreme, a tech sector that discriminates in favor of the young might produce an economy with some revolutionary ways of keeping ourselves entertained and in touch at all hours of the day and night. But it would be an economy that shortchanged other essential sectors, like, say, biotech or health care.


What it Feels Like to Be Washed Up at 35

One of the key things I hate about the SF / Tech Valley scene.

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